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Thanks guys!!

I booked an appointment with the vet tomorrow for Tabitha. I just feel the need to have her looked at...dont know why I feel this way but for some reason I do! Its a new vet so they need to meet her at some point anyway and since we have had to deal with Bomber passing it may as well be sooner than later just in case. I am hoping my little girl comes home with a clean bill of health!

14+ or any others that have teeny little kitties can you tell me approx how much they eat per day? Now that its just Tabitha I can tell exactly what she eats and its not much! it never has been much but I can give her a 3oz can of wet per day and she only eats 1/2 if that???? that means my little one is only eating 1 1/2 oz a day?? When I had the 2 together it was more difficult to see who ate and how much.

She has weighed 6 pounds all her life and it has never really changed at all.

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