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Question 5 mth Saint puppy w/head tilt and off balance.

About 3 weeks ago our pup Bear was off balance and walking like he was "drunk" for lack of a better description. we thought that possibly he had pulled something in one of his back legs and watched him and within a 1/2 hour he was back to normal other than a minor limp. We thought maybe he was rough housing with our 1 year old Saint and got hurt. Fast forward to grandson says "Bear is peeing" so I jump up to get some towels which of course sets off a flurry of activity with 10 dogs in the house and when I clean it up I turn to let our gang outside and Bear is leaning to the right, his head is tilted and he has very poor balance. He's leaning on me, the walls what ever he can. I immediately remember the last episode and call the vet........they did a very thorough exam and ran some blood tests (waiting for the results today) but all reflexes were good and they are at a bit of a loss. This happened around Noon and by 4pm he was back to normal and chasing and aggitating the rest of our gang like always. Vestibular syndrome stays with the dog right? Also, it's usually older dogs? Could these episodes be strokes or seizures of some sort? If anyone has some experience or info on anything this could be please let me know........thanks so very much. We just lost our 8 1/2 year old Saint (he's the one in the middle of my profile pic), Dozer on July 3rd to megaesophagus and bone cancer and can't bear the thought of losing another one of my gang. Thanks to all.
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