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I wonder if it is the same people who dug up and incubated the eggs and watched then hatch who are now releasing them?
I mean what is the point of digging up the nests to increase hatch rates if they are just going to dump them back into the oil slicked waters? Shouldn't these volunteers(?)/conservationists(?)/government workers(?) have spent their time and money on a cause that has a purpose in the end because I don't see any purpose in caring for these baby turtles just to let them go into a oil slick (on top of the other dangers they naturally face)

Pretty Dim if you ask me.

Think of the rate the endangered parents of these turtles must be dying with the slick on the water, shouldn't it be all the more important to help these babies survive? I am sure they have the means to keep them in a pools or offshore enclosures to keep them safe while the bulk of the oil is being delt with.

When one animal is harmed by a human its bad enough but when entire species are put at risk due to multiple humans lack of concern or greed is 10X worst in my eyes.

These species are being killed twice by humans ignorance now it seems....
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