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Just a lil update, kind of concerned:

Ok so we covered the crate back up with blankets, right? And Gizzy sometimes pulls the blanket into the crate for whatever reason he does. And I guess when I come home and I pull that out first instead of saying "hi" he hisses at me. Cats hiss when they are scared, so does he think my hand is someone else's hand? Or can there be a medical reason for him to hiss other than being scared/startled?

And if anyone has been hoping that we move to a bigger place soon, I thank you a lot! There is a chance that we may be moving!! My bf's grandmother fell at her house and later they found that she couldn't stand so she ended up going to the hospital and she broke her tibia and they found a heart murmur. So it turns out one of his uncles had a reservation for her at a home for about a month now and I guess this is the catalyst he was waiting for. So she'll be going to the home on wednesday, and there apparently isn't any rush to sell her house. So hopefully my bf's cousins won't want to live there and possibly we can live there instead. It's bittersweet and I am bracing myself for the ramifications of her reaction when she realizes she will never see her home again

However, IF we move there, we will still be renting and until I own a house, I feel it will still be best to crate Gizzy in order to minimize the risk of spraying especially in a house that is my bf's grandmothers whereas if it were my grandmother.

Now off to educate myself on dogs on this forum, because I am off for a week lol this move would prolly allow my bf to finally get his husky and that means getting HIM out to walk and exercise and get healthy! lol
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