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I had no idea everyone wanted an update.

Ok so here it is, I brought this guy home first to get him fed and warmed up. Then took him to the Fish Creek pet hospital in Calgary because it appeared he may have been clipped by a car on his back end (I saw what appeared to be blood and he was licking the area a lot) but I wasnt sure. They checked him out and found that he had NOT been hit, but did have a very large Hot Spot on his rear end and tail. They gave him some pain relief cream and a small needle to numb the area for his comfort. So that was taken care of.

Next I asked the vet team what I should do so he remains safe and gets back to his owners. They strongly advised having the City of Calgary pickup him up so he could be posted on the Lost and Found website. So i agreed under the condition that I would be the first person called, before he was put up for adoption if his owners didn't come forward. They said no problem, as that is typical Calgary bylaw procedure.

From here I said my goodbyes to my new friend (whom I called Jack temporarily), and went home. I immediately went to the city of calgary website to see how long this all would take and within 1 hour, Jack was posted with a picture.

By 5:00pm that same day, Jack was picked up by his owner, and taken off the website.

Now, I didn't just leave it at that. I called the city of calgary to make sure that his owners did infact come for him and they assured me the procedure to verify the owners of a missing dog are quite extensive. I was relieved at this point.

So now all I have is a picture of Jack on my desk and an old reference number for the city of calgary.

Oh, one last thing, I did have a woman contact me (a week or so after all of this) with pictures of her dog Jake who was also missing, who looked very similar to Jack, but I didn't believe it was the same dog. I cant remember her name now though...

Sorry again to everyone who was interested.
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