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American Kestrel rescue.....


Just want let everyone know that I now have an American Kestrel (male) in my porch!

He's in a container waiting for me to take hime to the vet college.

I had to work a bit late last night and as I was driving I came across the little guy, he was hit by a truck!

I know this because the driver of the truck turned around and came back after hitting him but by that time I had already picked him up and was searching for a box in my car!

He is a male American Kestrel who may possibly have a broken left wing.
His wing looks injured and the way he was laying on it didn't look good.

I kept him over night in the porch (where its cool, quiet and dark) and will be taking him to the vet clinic this AM.

He looks a lot better this morning....i would take a pic but I don't want to stress him anymore (we have an hour drive ahead of us).

I will keep you posted on how he does!
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