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Originally Posted by Karen Maxwell View Post
Changing the name from Dog Catcher to Animal Control is just a coporate jargon method to lead people to believe that kindness in included in the job somehow.
Um, I am a Former animal protection officer that worked for a humane society. I went back to school to study wildlife conservation. I agree that gas chambers are cruel and inhumane. Our Humane Society does not use them.

To say that people who work in the animal control department are unkind is absurd and you need to get your facts stright. While yes there are some bad animal control departments (shelters) out there, you can't lump them all into one catergory. The majority of people who work in animal control, work in the field because they have a love for animals and their welfare.

we rescue strays, enforce animal-related bylaws, work with wildlife rehabiliations centers, deal with animal cruelty cases, etc. Also, so is it ok for a healthly sound/temperment animal to be put down if it is an injection? I don't think so. Infact our shelter does not euth for cage space/healthy animals. While gas chambers are inhumane and cruel, so are putting down healthy sound animals with injection...which is the majority of animals in shelters across the nation being put down. How about try focusing your attention on putting a stop to killing for cage space (healthy animals) whether it be gas or injection.

I really resent your comment and you need to be educated on the profession of Animal Control.

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