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Why aren't we all standing to change gassing laws in ontario

IT IS TIME FOR US TO STAND UP AND CHANGE ANIMAL LAWS. IT IS ALL JUST ABOUT MONEY. I have recently discovered that not only is gassing at pounds in Ontario (barbaric) still legally carried out, but some pet owners seek out this method because it is cheap. In other words, they neither can afford to have the animal nor really care about what it endures. This is love?? I have a neighbour with 4 huskeys in a 2 bedroom house for intance, who when one dog had a huge and lingering open sore on his leg, commented "I can't afford to take all these dogs to a vet every time you know!" He chose to have the dog put down by gassing, commenting how good he way since he bought the dog a cheeseburger on the way to the chamber. These dogs have never ever been walked and stay in a pen 24 hours a day unless they are in the house when the people go out. Consequently they bark at any movement passing by. Pent up energy. They are let in the yard now and then. This is the kind of people gassing attracts as well as City pound officials who the city will not spend money training to give humane injections to animals - rather than the "gas chamber". Changing the name from Dog Catcher to Animal Control is just a coporate jargon method to lead people to believe that kindness in included in the job somehow.
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