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Inflamed GI tract

Our 9 year old black lab/austrian kelpie mix just had an ultrasound that revealed an enlarged gi tract. Her protein level was 1.1 yesterday (down from 1.7 not even a week ago), so her vet said he could not operate to get a biopsy to see if it's cancer or IBD or something else. She is the same weight she's always been, but super skinny on can feel every bone in her back and hips. There is some fluid in her abdomin as well.
She is now having 2-3 soft BMs (that are yellowish) in the morning. She has been eating and drinking, but this morning isn't interested in food...just treats. The vet put her on prednizone, she's already been on metronidzole and denamarin. She's also now on Hill's D/D food. We're waiting. Are we doing everything that we can??
Before this morning her mood and demeanor have been good. She was constantly begging for food (partially b/c I was adding some boiled chicken or lean ground beef to her food).
7 years ago she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency and was put on I/D dog food and Viokase V powder. 2 years ago we weaned her off the powder and a year ago we weaned her off of the dog food. She was doing okay until about a month ago. So her current vet thinks she never had the PEI. We're not sure how long to wait to see if she's improving...if we should get a second opinion or even take her back to the specialist she saw 7 years ago. Ugh. Why can't they talk?
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