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Dog Dancer and chico2, that's all I'm doing. If I need help or advice I turn to the garden forums I'm on, or to my sister, who grows the most beautiful roses. It was Barb bringing up big bunches of huge roses that got me interested, but I've only been growing for a short time myself. While my memory is usually appalling I find remembering roses as easy as remembering dog or horse pedigrees, or the animals themselves. Our roses here are probably at their best at the start of November, around Melbourne Cup time, in fact because I worked with racehorses in my younger days and Flemington racetrack during the Spring carnival is renowned for the roses there, I named my precious Silk(sheltie) Goldfields Silks n Roses for her show name. I was watching the Fashions on the Field(the judging of the beautiful outfits women wear to the Spring carnival) on Ladies Day, when the Oaks is run(for 3 year old fillies), and at the same time trying to work out names for my litter, so Silk's sister, Kizzy. got G's Fashion N Flair. LOL.
Hopefully, after my sister pruning the roses, I might get blooms worth showing to you this year.
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