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OH/NY/ON Legs Needed for Dachshund Transport Feb 12

Assistance is needed to transport an Almost Home Dachshund Rescue
Society dachshund from his foster home in WV to his new forever home
in Toronto, Ontario.

UTD shots
Special Needs
Seizures/on medication and traveling with medication
Does occasionally have breakthrough seizures (instructions will be
provided on what to do if this occurs during transport)
No crate provided but please provide your own
Traveling with meds, collar and leash, vetting paperwork, proof of
rabies certificate for crossing the border

Please contact Terri Epp at if you can assist with
this transport.


Saturday, February 12

Huntington, WV-Parkersburg, WV/ 128 miles/ 2 hours/ 7:00-9:15/ FILLED

Parkersburg, WV-Cambridge, OH/ 66 miles/ 1 hour 3 minutes/ 9:15-
10:45/ FILLED: Joan

Cambridge, OH-Canton, OH/ 62 miles/ 58 minutes/ 10:45-12:00/ NEEDED

Canton, OH-Youngstown, OH/ 73 miles/ 1 hour 10 minutes/ 12:00-1:25/

Youngstown, OH-Erie, PA/ 100 miles/ 1 hour 44 minutes/ 1:25-3:25/
FILLED: Debbie

Erie, PA-Buffalo, NY/ 85 miles/ 1 hour 28 minutes/ 3:25-5:10/ NEEDED

Buffalo, NY-Hamilton, ON/ 72 miles/ 1 hour 25 minutes (extra time
added for crossing the border)/ 5:10-7:10/ FILLED: Joanne

Hamilton, ON-Toronto, ON/ 45 miles/ 53 minutes/ 7:10-8:10/ NEEDED

Toronto, ON-Bowmanville, ON/ 56 miles/ 1 hour/ 8:10-9:25/ FILLED:
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