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hi guys sorry took a couple days to post it was crazy here.

The stray kitten is now named mccloud. He's doing well. the vet was concerned because his protein was low and a few of his other levels. his white blood cell count was high so now he's on antibotics. last night we were talking and she didn't have high hopes for the little one. well talked to her this morning and he did almost a full turn around. he's still not eating on his own but is being force fed.

He has a home. he went to my hubby's aunt. she's only like 5 mins from us so i can visit all the time! she actually went half on the bill with us which was great cause it cost 1000 dollars

He's like a totally different cat. his eyes are so clear. he still seems to not be able to hear but she's ok with that. he'll be an indoor cat. we were going to keep him but my three just didn't do well and since we still have monster mil with us i wasn't going to try my luck.

He's very energic now. The vet was worried i guess cause it seemed he might have had some brain damage. somtimes he just blanks out where he seems to shut down. he wasn't holding his body temp well and he wasn't energic. So we decided to give him one more night and i'm so glad we did. so lets hope and pray that he starts eating on his own. hubby's aunt already loves him and i know she'll take care of him. i'm just glad he's alright. i feel so honored to have saved this little life. i'm just amazed at the great feeling it creates inside of you

i promise pics to come. i'm getting my computer set back up. hubby doesn't really want pics on his computer so i have to wait to get mine up and running.

thanks everyone and keep him in your prayers please!
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