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My, what a rough start on life this poor little guy is having. Without your help he would have died all alone out there. You are his kitty .

Without further testing, it is hard to say at this point what is causing all the issues. It could be that a lot of the issues are a result of starvation or there could also be some other underlying problems. The bloodwork they are doing tomorrow should hopefully tell more about what is going on.

Kittens normally don't develop a good sense of sight until they are about five weeks old and their sight is not actually perfect till they are closer to eight weeks old. With the other problems he is having I am wondering if it is still possible his sight will improve as the other issues are resolved. Only time will tell.

As far as not eating is concerned, probably the force feeding alone is the best recourse right now. I'm sure they are giving him a good high protein, high fat food which is what his little body needs right now. Hopefully after a couple of days or so he can be enticed to gradually start eating on his own.

Please let us know the results of the bloodwork tomorrow and we are certainly looking forward to seeing the pics.

Sending lots of to you and that this little guy starts feeling better soon.
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