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sorry its been a couple days its been hetic here.

First of all the kitty is at the vet at the moment. He has been there since yesterday. He is not eating on his own. they are force feeding him at the moment. he's very lethargic and kind of depressed. so far they/we have done

he's been treated for fleas
he's on fluids at the moment
he's deyhradrated
they think he is about 5 weeks old
he only weighs 1.9 pounds so he's under weight
poor thing has been given vitamins meds to try to stimulate his appetite he's been dewormed he has been peeing but has not had a bowel movement yet could be because he's not eating solid food really.
it seems he is deaf and a little blind he has no reacation to sounds or quick movements.
he's very cuddly loves to be held and crys if you put him down.
apparently sometimes he runs around and trys to climb his cage but then he's back to sleeping and just sitting around.

(sorry spaced so werid i have been up since 430am to work and then went to vets to visit the little one)

Well hubby and i talked he's worried about his allergy's acting up with having a 4th cat and the amount of money it will cost. so far his aunt said she would take him. but she doesn't know that he also maybe blind i don't know if that will affect her answer. i already told hubby that if we aren't keeping him and his aunt doesn't want him i' personally going to find him a home with someone who will take care of him. so far my cats do not like him. eclipse really freaked out and hissed and growled at me. he attacked stormy and was unhappy the whole day the kitten was here. so at this point i don't know what is the fate of this little guy. actually at the moment hubby has named him cloud.

so the plan tomorrow if he's still not eating is to do more blood work and see how his kidneys, liver and so on are doing.

Any body have some ideas how to get this little guy to eat. i mean he literary turned his nose up at the food. its so heart breaking. the good news is though he's been tested for leukemia/aids and he doesn't have that.

say some prayers the little guy. i'll bring my camera tomorrow so i can get some pics.
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