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Unhappy I need help with my doggy

Hello. my name is Cathy and one of dogs is Miko.
Miko is a pom and so he has alot of hair but when my mom moved us into a house in the woods he started to lose hair. we found out he was allergic to fleas so since then I've made sure he never gets infested. he's 15 so he
s lost some teeth too. But for the past year he chews on his hind legs and rips the hair out and it get stuck in his mouth. I have to cut it out of his teeth almost every week. I've gotten shampoo and sprays and tried to control it cuz i'm always trying to stop him cuz he can chew and pull until he's bleeding. I don't know how to help him and i really want to because he's my best friend. If someone could help that would be great
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