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I've seen over and over again that "found" little souls arrive on our doorstep or in front of our car etc. for a reason. It seems that you have been chosen for this little white bundle
I've never dealt with a deaf kitten but have dealt with a deaf pup and he acclimated really well to his forever home with very few modifications. The other posters are right though, he will stand less of a chance of placement at the HS so if you decide not to keep him, please contact a reputable rescue that will be willing to work with a special needs kitten for placement.
I can't help thinking that he came to you for a reason however. A month ago, I almost hit a collie puppy with my car, I got out and with the help of other drivers corralled him and knocked on doors for two hours (he of course had no chip, tag or ID). I took him home and my daughters boyfriend asked if he could visit his parents as they had just said goodbye to their collie two months earlier due to cancer. No pup has ever been in the right place at the right time, and I have no doubt that he was sent here to join that family. After newspaper ads, many notifications etc. with no owner coming forward (I would have been dubious to return him to such irresponsible folks anyway) Jake is now a doted on family member and is where he was meant to be.
Could this kitten have been guided to you for a reason ?????
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