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Wow my DS is really listening and learning

He is on his annual fishing trip with his dad and grandpa (XH has been going to the same lake w/his dad 40 years and now DS has been going for 9 years, cool huh?) Anyway, you all know we've been volunteering at the shelter and we've been talking about stray cats and spaying and neutering and this is how cats end up in shelters, etc etc etc

So late yesterday he called me from the hotel they are staying in and said there is a cat walking around w/two kittens. He said they were really cute. So this morning he calls before they were heading out and says the cat and kittens are there and they are probably stray. He said "maybe I should bring them home so we can take them to the shelter and get them spayed and adopted out." I said, no your dad would never go for that, LOL

Anyway I'm so proud of him for "getting it."
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