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Thank you all very much. It was a tough night. Interesting that I did not have her long but she will be very missed.

Funny how us animal lovers will embrace other's throw aways. Funny how we try our best to right a wrong while others do not give a damn as to what happens.

I am not feeling sorry for myself, but I am certainly very angry that this little girl who loved her people so much shut down like that as so many do. And not one phone call to ask how she is or if she was ever adopted. I don't understand people. I don't understand why so many of us put ourselves in positions like this to deal with the sorrow, the guilt and the pain. Why?

Sorry I am so sour. I am just heartbroken as I wanted so much for her to continue life's journey.


Ignor my spewing. I thank my good friends here at Pets that have been more trustworthy, more loving and more concerned than anywhere I have been.

I love you all so much. And I am grateful to have your support and tender words.
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