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Thanks once more for your continued advice.

I started him on the Renafood yesterday. I was only able to get
tablets, capsules weren't available. Crushed it up in a few pill pockets,
he ate them right up.

The chicken Wellness was one of the foods I was giving him when he
was losing weight. I did get some of the kitten food. He didn't seem
to eat as much today. He loves cooked chicken, I'm guessing I could give
him more of that during the day as well?

I'm initiated into the finger poke club! Was changing the needle and it slipped,
went right through my thumb.

His weight seems good, not much change. He showed 12 pounds yesterday.
That 5 ounces always is fluctuating. Fingers crossed the Renafood
helps him go up a bit.

The fur licking most likely is stress. I was thinking of getting one of those
DAP diffusers, maybe that will calm Pumpkin down a bit. We live in a small
space, so unfortunately Sampson doesn't have too many options. He does
go under the bed, Pumpkin won't bother him long when he goes under there.

It's been so long, I honestly don't remember when it started. It could have
been before he was diagnosed. Thankfully, his T4 numbers have been
good for some time.

I've been using the same detergent/cleaners for years. (no perfumes, dyes,
etc. )

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