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Yes Gogama makes me smile. I was present at her rescue. I have no fear of dogs or of getting bit, but this is the ONLY girl I would not dare touch. Look at her now!!! Awesome!!
Also, I think the best thing was that SPCA did not get too involved. When they stuck their noses in for 3 days, it was just annoying, and they managed to get their photo on the front page of the paper in regards to this rescue. They did **** all and then tryed to take the glory. We don't need them in my opinion. It's the OSPCA that started the rumor that all dogs were feral. I would REALLY like to know how they came to this conclusion without even attending the site. One rumor was that someone went to view it by helicopter, and another rumor was that she went by rail truck. When I personally asked the local SPCA person which is was....she said she did not know! Lack of communication? Or just a pile of lies? I have lost ALL respect for OPSCA.
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