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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
BenMax for both Olive and you. You know all of these little angels come into our lives to teach us something. So many people will learn the value of a true and generous heart from reading how you are trying to help this sweet girl. Perhaps that is her mission in life. To open more eyes to the need. Be strong my friend. Is this rescue Gerty's? I'd be happy to send a small donation directly there if it will help (like with Maddox - who by the way we need pics of...).
Indeed the same rescue. I need to find out more about her condition before any donations will be accepted at this point. If she will live then of course, if not then there really is not much point. Thank you dear friend.

I will keep everyone updated when I find out more news. Still waiting for the vet to call me.

Oh and yes - I will get some Maddox photos up shortly. He is a great boy. Thanks for helping me help him. He does afterall belong to so many people here at pets who helped him recover. I certainly owe you that.
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