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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Thank you everybody.

Yes, I do, BenMax. My co-worker found a starving, declawed stray cat on the weekend. . She took it to the local Humane Society (Not OSPCA, but an affiliate) and she was told that the HS was under no obligation to keep any cat for any period of time. The cat is microchipped so hopefully they will find somebody who has been looking for their kitty and not owners who just left a declawed cat outside to defend itself.

She also wanted them to call her if they were going to euthanize him and she will pull him out, but they won't call her for that either .
Ok L4H. This is horrible. They should be able to provide information before any euthanasia is to take place. If I were her, I would contact the director immediately to express concern. If she can get this cat back and if no owner is found, please let me know and I will help with finding a rescue. Cheers Girl!
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