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Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
...Called my trusty rescue who has never failed me (thank you G!). I explained the situation and advised that financially I could no longer do it. She intervened and made an immediate appointment for me...
...we discovered that the meds prescribed by the other vet was contaminated and out of date...
Totally fact, outrageous and almost beyone belief!
...She is hooked up on IV but she is urinating so much now. They feel that there is a problem with one kidney. Blood panel is scheduled today to find out what is wrong internally.
Well, the increased urination is perfectly understandable because of the IV...the bloodwork may be a better indication of any need for concern.
...she was on the food as indicated by RustyCat which my neighbour gave me. It seemed like the only one she was interested in.
Smart cat! Again, if it were me, I'd keep her on the a/d - as exclusively as possible - until she's over all of this. Chances are, the rescue org will have a supply of it on hand.

Go, Olive, go!
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