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Mile 26

there is no proof of any feral pack of dogs. I don't even know where this information is coming from. We have yet to see a vicious dog during our rescues. Last Wednesday, the ONR guys saw two black dogs.....and sure enough, we came home with 2 black dogs. Liddy and Harrah.
There are 2 dogs, a rottie mix and "mama cass" that were seen long ago but haven't been seen since. We will be calling the ONR guys tomorrow to see if there have been anymore spotted. If there are, we will go back to try and trap them. Being there just about from the start, I feel in my heart that we have rescued all of them. There are no longer dogs running out of the bushes to greet the train as they were doing at the beginning. Noone greeted us Wednesday. We were VERY lucky to get the two black ones out. The 2 bears that are there regularily are becoming a real nuisance. They damaged 2 out of our 3 live traps, and are not afraid of us at all. Even gun fire doesn't scare them away for long.

In the mean time, the ONR guys have dog food with them, and on a daily basis will be dumping some food at the rescue site just incase there are some there.

Our next focus is on fund raising to pay for food, vet bills, etc. AND WE NEED FOREVER HOMES. These dogs are friendly and loving. They need a home.

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