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Puppy vomit and diarrhea question

Hey I'm wondering if I should take my puppy to the vet...he is a husky/lab mix at 7weeks. His name is Duke and he is acting quite normal but this morning when I took him out, he pooped a very soft one followed by brown liquid practically shooting out his butt

He seemed fine and played when he was done as usual and then I gave him breakfast and fresh water and played more. He passed out for a bit but I caught him eating his own dry kibble vomit awhile later (partially digested). I watched him for awhile after I cleaned up and he started heaving and gagging a bit (like I would if I vomited) and barfed. I cleaned up and took him outside again and he pooped liquid again. He has not vomited since OR pooped, even with multiple trips outside. He has been sleeping mostly.

Now that you know whats happening to him, tell me if you think this could be the reason..

Last night I brought him with me to my friends place (where Dukes sister lives) and found out this morning that Duke got into some of Clover's puppy food!
Do you think this could be happening because of the food change and that it will pass? Or should I take him to the vet right away?
He seems fine now and playful as usual but I dunno I just dont want him to get sick

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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