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Originally Posted by TeriM View Post
LP - 1.5 cups orijen per day or per meal? Riley is now approx 110 but that hasn't been until this last year or so. If I were to feed all kibble today then he would need about 4.5 cups or Orijen to maintain and when I feed all raw I usually feed 1200 gram (2.5 pounds) per day.

When Riley was younger (around 8 months - year) he would have required about six cups of Orijen to be able to maintain and finish growing. He could not process that amount of kibble without getting major splats so at that time he got fed a lot of raw. I now usually do raw in morning and kibble at night. When we travel it is usually all raw as it is easy to buy at grocery stores and his system handles the travel better.
Teri I have found the same with kibble... I have checked Acana, Orijen, and Kirkland and all of them say for Diesel's ideal adult weight (about 80 lbs), he would eat from 3-4 cups a day. Of course this will vary with the dog, activity level, etc. but he is fairly active, so I don't think that seems unreasonable. Even Brynn at age 3, requires approx. 1.5 cups of Acana or Orijen when she eats kibble all day and she is only 45 lbs, to maintain her weight.

I have started splitting up his supper meal - usually 2 cups at supper and 1 around 9 or so at night. I try to avoid giving the "snack" too late at night so he doesn't end up needing to get up in the middle of the night.

We do have a vet appt. next week to get his second set of shots, I will talk to the vet about doing a fecal test for parasites just in case. I guess it does seem like a lot of food - but it's not really that much more than he would get once he receives his ideal weight? I'll double check on the parasites though!

LP the average weight of an adult male boxer can vary widely. It can be anywhere from 65-100 lbs. He is quite tall, almost at the top of the breed standard at 24 inches, so I figure 80 lbs is probably reasonable. It's hard to judge, and it will really depend on how he ends up looking, 80 lbs might end up being too heavy on him or he could still need to gain more.
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