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Originally Posted by TeriM View Post
LP - 1.5 cups orijen per day or per meal? Riley is now approx 110 but that hasn't been until this last year or so. If I were to feed all kibble today then he would need about 4.5 cups or Orijen to maintain and when I feed all raw I usually feed 1200 gram (2.5 pounds) per day.

When Riley was younger (around 8 months - year) he would have required about six cups of Orijen to be able to maintain and finish growing. He could not process that amount of kibble without getting major splats so at that time he got fed a lot of raw. I now usually do raw in morning and kibble at night. When we travel it is usually all raw as it is easy to buy at grocery stores and his system handles the travel better.
Riley's a Lab for sure . If fed only Orijen, Lucky get 1 1/2 cups per day...raw, only 1 1/2 lbs per day to maintain his weight even though he's pretty active. Funny, Nukka needs the same amount as him and she only weighs 25lbs....Penny needs 2.5lbs raw or 2 1/2 cups Orijen. Weird how the largest one needs the least .

Average male Boxer's weight is 70lbs if I'm not mistaken. How much does Diesel weigh now, cassie? I may be wrong but 1lb raw in the am and 3 cups of kibble for dinner sounds like a lot . That's why I'm thinking parasites.
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