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The harness looks like an interesting product I think I might take a look at it thanks.

I have never used a prong collar could anyone point me to a website describing this product and it's advantages.

As for the nylon choke collar- I have from experience realized that fighting by pulling has not worked with this size of dog as really she is very strong. my method has been to reward with the clicker and food reward for walking in the correct position. when she pulls I hold steady and try to redirect her. I am reinforcing the positive and trying to make the bad more neutral by not getting into a tug of war. I am not really using it as a correction for what I don't want. It is just a bit more effective than just her normal collar, because what happens is a consequence of what she has done (pulling), not my directly punishing her like in some traditional training. I am really trying to motivate her to want to walk in an appropriate manner rather than punish.
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