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Love volunteering at the shelter

What I do is so minimal but I just love it. Once a week I pick up a load of kitty laundry take it home and launder it and then drop it off the following week. While I am there, the manager told me to go ahead if I was comfortable to take the cats/kittens out of their cage and handle them and play w/them. She showed me where the notes are kept pertaining to each cat and if they are skittish or nervous and maybe I shouldnt handle those until I've had more practice and exposure. Anyway, the 6 that are there, are all fine.

DS went w/me one night and we played w/3 (one at a time, 20 minutes each) and there were still 3 left but I told DS we should get going. He looked at me like I had 3 eyes and said we can't leave until they all get equal play time. So 3 more cats, 20 minutes each, we were there over 2 hours. Didn't seem like it at all tho.

And in the few weeks I've been going, 2 have been adopted.

I go on Wednesdays so we'll be there tonite. There is one, tiny kitten who is so relaxed, he lies on his back in his bed in the cage and when you walk by he tries to grab you, so he is always first to play.
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