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I'm in the Southeastern US, so I do love my AC. We are hot and humid, but it is typical here. I have a short-legged, jet-black Scottie dog. I try to protect her and keep her comfortable in the heat.

We have discontinued agility classes until fall. We take our long walks in the early morning and then around nightfall. I have to let the pavement cool off or it burns her paws. Also, she is so low to the ground and has long belly hair so she doesn't have much air flow underneath. I give her ice cubes and frozen green beans as treats. My dog also has a cooling bandanna and I will wet a hand towel to cover her back. I'll let her have short times to run in the back yard and make sure her waterbowl is cool and clean. Our "potty walks" during the heat of the day are miserable for us both. I will reach down to unclip her leash when I get inside and her back feels like an oven. She absorbs the heat so much. Last year I was more concerned with the heat, since I had a fragile senior. My current dog is in good health, but I really take caution with my breed due to body structure and coat color.

I really want Autumn to come....
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