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re: gentle leader

We have a response collar (similar to the gentle leader) I used that on her and she really fought it (but didn't hate it because she let me put it on for the reward-her walk) . I guess the reason I don't like it is because she didn't really seem to transfer not pulling when on a regular leash. I just kind of felt it was a method to control her, which was great, but in the end I wanted her to learn not to pull. Also people who saw the big 80 lb dog with the collar on thought it was a muzzle and would avoid us!

I still have the collar though and it works great if we need an immediate fix (like going to the vet etc.).

Right now I am using a nylon choke collar and we have been using the clicker method of reward. I have to say that in an unstimulating environment (like right beside my house) she does fairly well. Our problem seems to be out in public where there are distractions. She really has a huge barking fit and really tries to pull at other dogs and it seems people percieve her as mean towards their dog. In reality she just really wants to see them. Off leash she doesn't appear the same way and doesn't have a problem with other dogs.
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