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Tegan and Mindy always want to lay in the sun! What is up with that? There can be lots of shade and patches of sun and where do they want to lay? Yep,,,the sun! Grrr

I don't take Mindy for walks when it is hot. We just sit on the patio for a bit then back into the house. Lots of water some ice cubes..lots of fans, window a/cs...etc.

Shay come on...ya gotta show up ics!
What do u use to shave the dogs? I'm still waiting for the groomer to get back to town. I don't know where she went but she has been away for 3 weeks now!

I don't really want to shave Mindy myself in case I catch one of the spots she has,,,but her fur is really getting long. I even made a little top knot for her but the elastic came out. LOL
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