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Originally Posted by Morbo View Post
Do I work for Tri-V? NO

What I will never do is say anything that cannot be backed up by science, and I will NEVER give you MY OPINION (IMO) without being able to back up my comments.

Then it would not be an "opinion" it would be a fact. I, for one, trust the opinions of the members here. Alot of what they have told me has been backed up by my vet

If somebody continually adds the famous IMO throughout their posts, these are the people you need to not listen to for they have simply read something somewhere and taken it to be the honest truth.

The "IMO" just simply says that is their opinion, which they are entitled to. It is up to each individual to do their own research prior to making any decisions. But an opinion can make you think about things you may not have.

And as an FYI... your dogs may be fine with it, but others will not be. Our Malamute puppy ate 1/8 of an onion about 2 weeks ago. It made him so sick. Diarrhea, gas etc and he had to be checked for anemia. Our vet told us not to let him have ANY onion or onion products. She told us that it isn't a needed or necessary ingredient and should be avoided as it will be extremely harmful to some dogs, even in small amounts (like ours). Our puppy weighs 56 pounds at 4 months, so the small amount he ate should not have affected him in such a manner, but it did. Why take a chance on something that isn't necessary.

I also find it hard to believe that you would come on here, so defensive and argumentative because of others "opinions" and not in some way have an interest in Lean Cuts (or the company that makes it), especially considering this is the ONLY thread you have posted in. People do not generally create an account and try to convince people that the grocery store brand of food is a good and safe product. However, there are people who works for these companies that search google for keywords like "lean cuts", find negative posts then post themselves, as an individual (when in fact they have alterior motives) to sway opinion back to a positive level. Not saying that's you, in any way
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