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Lean Cuts by Tri-V

Do I work for Tri-V? NO

I did however take the time out of my life to do some research on onion toxicity in dogs, found out the amounts required to cause any problems, read the newspaper article from SFGate (very poor article that takes select information from a paper by a vet does not give all the information required) and then asked Tri_v to provide me with the amount of onion powder they use in the product and, once I had all the info required I posted my comments.

What I will never do is say anything that cannot be backed up by science, and I will NEVER give you MY OPINION (IMO) without being able to back up my comments.

If somebody continually adds the famous IMO throughout their posts, these are the people you need to not listen to for they have simply read something somewhere and taken it to be the honest truth.

Read the scientific papers on the internet, get the facts straight and then (and only then) make up your own mind.

Quotes from sites that talk of the problem ......

"Dogs develop hemolytic anemia if they eat enough onions. I don't think that it matters too much whether the onions are cooked or not. The quantity of onions required is high enough that dogs can generally tolerate small doses of onions without any problem and moderate amounts of onion without clinically apparent disease, even though there may be measurable changes on lab test results."

"Consumption of as little as 5 g/kg of onions in cats or 15 to 30 g/kg in dogs has resulted in clinically important hematologic changes. "

This is the LEAST that must be ingested to cause problems that can be diagnosed with blood work.

Tri-V Lean Cuts contains about 1/4 of a gram per can of onion powder (I believe they have actually removed the onion powder from their new products). It would take 60 cans of food to make 15g of onion powder and that is the least amount required to cause problems in a small (15kg) dog.

To put it simply, this dog food is perfectly good for your pet. And that is not just IMO.

I have 2 large breed dogs,(Bernese Mountain Dog and a Shepherd cross) and both are in excellent health. They are fed Leans Cuts as an additive to their kibble. I used to use RollOver, but the dogs prefer this food.
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