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Well here in BC we haven't had that problem yet, although today is supposed to be the start of a warm spell. It's supposed to get to the low 30's in some areas tomorrow (like 30 - 31). We don't generally get much humidity though so it keeps it much more tollerable. We also have ocean breezes or mountain breezes blowing around to keep the air moving. That said, it still gets very hot sometimes. I shift the dogs walking time at night and we go later, and shorter walks also as Shadow is getting old and not so into the loooong hot walks. I freeze water also in tupperware dishes and then plop those big chunks into their water bowls outside. I've been thinking of a cooling scarf for Halo as she seems to suffer the most from the heat. That said, they're both laying beside my desk right now at the office enjoying the a/c.
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