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Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier KD. I hope your dog is doing better. My lab X does still shake her head, she's 9 now, and it doesn't seem to have any ill effect on her. It seems that it may be called Idiopathic Head Tremors. We did think for a while it may be blood sugar related, but have decided that's not likely it at all. It just seems random. It does not seem to be all that uncommon, I've seen several people mention their dogs doing the same type thing. Honestly, if the vet has ruled out any serious health issues I would try to relax about it. Just calm the dog when it happens, although my Halo just wants a hug after it happens to her. It seems to cluster sometimes too. She might have it happen two or three times in a week and then nothing (that I see) for a year. Hope this info gives you a bit of peace of mind.
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