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I know Lucy will sniff, hiss and then ignore the kitten. She played with Gibson for the first month or so until he started getting too rough with her. So after a few days she may play with the kitten. When we brought Gibson home he was introduced to her right away.

Gibson is very playful.. He's rough and tumble.. all boy. Likes to pounce and bite when he plays. He will for sure follow the kitten everywhere for the first little bit. But he's not an all out attack kinda guy. I'm worried about the pouncing and biting mainly.

My dogs LOVE cats. Bubba expecially will be a pain in the rear until he gets used to seeing her. She will be covered in drool constantly until he does. He gets all excited like I brought home a new kitty just for him. Lola is very mother like with kittens. So no worries at all with her. Luckily the kitten was raised with dogs so that's a plus.

I guess we will give it a shot and see. Who knows Gibson may surprise me. He's pesters Louie and Demon when he sees them but they are also adults.. not a kitten.
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