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DAP-Pheremone diffuser for anxiety

Just curious as to whether or not anyone here has ever used one of these, and whether or not they actually work. I have searched alot of consumer reviews, but most seemed very biased. My vet recommended it for Thorin. He's a seriously neurotic little man! He gets anxiety during t-storms, when it's windy, severe separation anxiety, anxiety when we have visitors, anxiety over plastic bags and tv trays (or basically anything that moves). We had vets previously who wanted to dope him up with heavy anti-anxiety meds, but we chose not to go that route and have just tried to expose him more, a little at a time (or shelter, depending on the severity at the time). It has worked as far as the people coming around, but he still has alot of problems with wind/storms and tv trays. The diffuser is $60 from the vet (just found out I could order online for $26.00 ). If anyone has experience, please let me know. I'll also post the results we get with Thorin and Nanook. For Nanook it claims to help with behavioral issues such as chewing furniture etc. If it works, it's well worth the $60, though I won't pay that much again! Designed for both Canine and Feline.
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