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Sorry for not answering any questions sooner, just wasn't paying attention hmmmm

Anyway, I live near the outskirts of Medicine Hat, and a lot of folk just move and leave the cats to fend for themselves.

We have several in my area alone, that someone feeds them, and they do have cover, but the person involved does not spay or neuter, so there are new ones all the time.

Am thinking that maybe I should go talk with the park, and several people see if they would help donate to have vet work done. I, myself, am financially stretched so cannot donate, but I could donate my time driving, and helping with traps. Worth a thought anyway.

As far as I am concerned, being indoors does not harm a cat at all, my cat has never been outside, even on her harness, unless in a kennel for travelling.

I absolutely detest having to pick up after other animals that use my front yard as their litter pan. That is both dogs and cats.

take care
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