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Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
The flavor I'm using is the Turkey and Duck.

The phosphorus level isn't listed. I was going by the values shown on
the thread you posted before. According to Binky's page, the level is
187. If it looks like I have the wrong info please let me know and I'll
contact Petco.
Looks good I was looking under Wellness not Healthy Indulgence

Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
No fleas or allergies that I know of. He's been doing this on and off for
awhile now. I haven't noticed him just doing it right after he eats, it's
different times during the day and evening. He was doing it before
the fluids.

Stress could certainly be a factor. He doesn't always get along with
my youngest (Pumpkin). Is there anything I could put on his tail maybe
to sooth or help heal it?
Is he licking the fur off or pulling it out? Pulling fur out is a sympton of HyperThyroidism.

What is the condition of the skin in that area? red, inflammed?

Has the vet seen the area either this time or when he's done it before?

Originally Posted by gardensgrow View Post
A very tiny pinch of catnip from the freezer onto her food perked up her cat nose. She downed the (previously refused) liquid thyroid med in her scant teaspoon of tuna in seconds and went on to scarf up most of the wet food she had picked at all day.
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