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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Are you at all surprised that the new family is settling in so fast, 14+? Sounds like things are going beautifully!!!
Nope. In my experience most cats settle pretty quickly. Naddy is such an angel. She is a very forgiving kitty. I said earlier that she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She is already weaving her way around my legs when I am in their home looking for affection. And she is weaving her way into my heart too. Considering the life she has had she is amazing. Once she gets spayed and doesn't have to worry about going into heat any more she is going to be an absolute dream kitty.
The kittens are so sweet and silly. The twins have such attitude! It's funny to hear the tiny little growls coming from them when they are busy playing and I interrupt them. MiniMoo is still the little instigator of course. Tipster ( the black kitty) is Mr Sleepyhead but when he is awake he is as busy as the others. The little tabby girl - she's gonna be a knockout when she grows up. She is so beautiful!! And MiniMoo's twin is quite the character as well.
They have all mastered climbing up to the top of their houses. Love to spend time jumping out at each other from the side of the litter house. They also like to just sit quietly and watch the bigger kitties playing and running past their house.
Duece has been trying to introduce himself. I keep telling him hissing and growling is not the proper way to welcome new friends to the neighbourhood. I bet in another week he will be hanging as close to their door as he can hoping to sneak in while I am feeding them.
The rest of the kitties take their turns stopping long enough to watch the kitty antics, and continuing on to their important duties - sleeping under the trees and eating - lots!!
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