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My cat"Rocky"is actually on this antianxiety drug right now,in a gel form.I apply 0.1ml to the inside of his ear once a day.
He has had two incidents,in two years, where he attacked me after seeing a strange cat outside to the point where I had to get medical help,tetanus-shot and antibiotics.The last time a couple of weeks ago,I waited until night-time to seek help,as my leg was swelling rapidly from a large wound,I am still under treatment but it's almost healed now.
He is normally a wonderful cat,once the head of my 3-cat-household,he's cuddly when he wants to be and usually stays close to where I am.He is however a little nervous around the new boss,a 5yr old male,Rocky is 7yrs old,so I suspect it all has to do with some loss of territory.
I have not noticed any change in his behavior,nor any adverse affects to the drug,but it worries me a bit that it is not FDA approved,I certainly do not want to cause him any harm.
Rocky does not fight my other cats,he usually has a friendly tumble with my youngest cat(Vinnie),almost 2yrs old and he is not bothered when Vinnie gets playful.
They are not out-door cats,I do not work so I am home with them all the time.They have been trained to stay in our large back-yard and Rocky only once jumped the fence to our neighbor.
In the winter I take them out for just a little while,they don't like the cold,but in the summer they'll be outside with me much of the day.
The two times when Rocky has attacked me,he turns into something nightmares are made of,but having him put down is out of the question,I love him very much and since I know the reason why he gets this way,I have to try to avoid him seeing a strange cat by keeping the windows closed,which will be difficult in the summer.
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