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Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
Another question: He is licking the base of his tail like crazy. I've had the vet look at it a few times, she didn't notice mange or anything of that nature. He's completely licked off most of the hair on one side. Any suggestions?

Your support is so very much appreciated.
Hi PumpkinPal,

Some ideas - could be a flea allergy or problem with anal glands.

Two of our cats have had problems with anal glands filling up & becoming uncomfortable. I took them to the vet to have them expressed. I've read that you might be able to do it yourself, but I'd want the vet to double check that it's not infected or abscessed first, as well as to show me how. I read cats can be harmed if it's not done correctly. I'm not too keen to do it myself, however, as know first hand that anal gland fluid is extremely putrid stuff, even in tiny amounts.

In my experience, our vet never looked at our cats & suggested that anal glands might be the problem , so I asked if it might be the reason for their discomfort. After expressing the glands, the vet or vet tech would agree that they had been full.

Try searching online for feline anal glands. Some info Franny Syufy:

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