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Thanks, still trying to learn everything!

I'll speak with the vet after the weekend.

Yes, it's 150ml twice weekly. The first time I did it, he tolerated about
120ml. Last night we didn't get to 100ml. I'll give the 3 times weekly a try
and let the vet know about the schedule.

The flavor I'm using is the Turkey and Duck.

The phosphorus level isn't listed. I was going by the values shown on
the thread you posted before. According to Binky's page, the level is
187. If it looks like I have the wrong info please let me know and I'll
contact Petco.

No fleas or allergies that I know of. He's been doing this on and off for
awhile now. I haven't noticed him just doing it right after he eats, it's
different times during the day and evening. He was doing it before
the fluids.

Stress could certainly be a factor. He doesn't always get along with
my youngest (Pumpkin). Is there anything I could put on his tail maybe
to sooth or help heal it?
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