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Yes Chico they will return him to the top f the Sheraton Roof close to the nest...Likely under the cover of darkness. We hope for not too long of a time frame from him being taken to being returned.

2 yrs ago we had an injured young and he was gone from the nest for 2 weeks, when he returned Surge (the male) attacked him for about 5 minutes before he figured out who he was. Actually it was Masdame X that came to his rescue and stopped the attack. He took 3 direct hits before it ended. I think its because he was gone for that length of time but I am no expert on it.

Sounded like they are being safe than sorry....checking for fractures in the wing. She is the youngest and less advanced at flying compared to the others.

Some of their first landings are scary to see until they get they hang of it! Its gonna be tough for her to return and be further behind than the rest too because she is in a flight cage and the others are learning airial transfers and tag and stuff. Having said all that I think she will be fine.

Dont know if you all know but, the mortality rate of falcons in their first year is 80%. They aloso have been removed from the endangered species to threatened. The banning and use of DDT has made the difference.

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