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Hi everyone!

I finally registered!!! I hope this works as I've never been on forums, so I'm learning!!! I just want to thank everyone for all their help and effort in getting Meow Meow (Nadine) and her family to their new home.

You are probably wondering who I am!!! Well, I'm the one who contacted cpietra16 when I found out that she was pregnant. I only found out last fall that the night shift had a visitor that spent the night with them in the factory every day. Apparently, she wondered in about 1 1/2 ago. They fed her and brought her a cushion to sleep on. When I asked the question in fall weather she was fixed, they all said that they thought she was! I should have followed my gut feeling and have her checked!!! When I found out she was pregnant, I went to see her to see how big she was. Well, she was big!!! I guess it was 2 weeks before she gave birth. From then on, I fed her the best food possible because I knew she would need it as the factory is closed on weekends so from the Saturday a.m. to the Monday p.m. she would have to find food elsewhere. For 4 weeks we tried to find out where she was keeping the little ones but no success. After 4 weeks, she brought them in the factory 1 by one. So the next morning, I called cpietra16 and you know the rest!!! I would have taken her to our home but my husband would not have approved because 9 years ago, Shadow wondered in the basement of our office and of course ended up at our house, despite my husband's disapproval!!! But when Shadow was going in to get spayed, I got a call from the vet telling me that she was pregnant!!! 7 kittens later!!!! We kept 2 kittens from the litter but one got hit by a car. The other one is Spazz, the one that suffers from cerebral hyperplasia. She is quite the cat. She cannot see and cannot stand. She has quite a temperament. She growls until you pick her up, then she starts purring and gives you a tongue bath!!! I guess I should stop now cause I could go on, and on, and on!!!
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