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I have a 7 mo. old spayed APBT who potties in the house. We've taken her to the vet - everything checked out fine. We take her out constantly throughout the day (I'm not currently employed so I can watch her/walk her etc.) and she's crate trained. What bothers me is that it's like she doesn't realize it when she has to go? We've limited her water intake which has helped significantly with this but there are still times where she'll just squat and go. No sniffing or twirling or heading to a particular spot.... just boom! all over the floor. (thank goodness for hardwood floors!)

Even when my husband or myself are standing right in front of her. We've tried the scare tactic (told to us by a trainer at a puppy class we took her to) but it doesn't phase her at all. Pointing to it and saying "bad girl" etc... mad praise for going outside.... Nothing seems to stop the random peeing. She lets us know when she has to go outside to poop. (usually she's out so often because of the peeing she doesn't need to tell us) But no warning usually when she has to pee.

Should we just try limiting her water even more? I hate to deprive her of water but at this point I don't think there's much else I can do. The only other thing the vet said was that she seemed to have a really small bladder...

Oh and training pads/newspaper doesn't work either. She shreds them in a heartbeat.
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