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Aww, nice pic----handsome bf and handsome cat!

I agree with laceyf53 when she says "this problem isn't going to stop when your bf hates him."
Try and convince your bf to talk nice nice to Gizzy and pet him up, give him treats. Cats are very sensitive to negative feelings/words/tone of voice, and know when someone is mad, frustrated or annoyed with them, and Gizzy seems to be especially sensitive. Hope with some more positive thoughts and actions, Gizzy will stop spraying his bed.
I think I mentioned that one of my cats refused to cover up her business after I changed to "Swheat Scoop" litter from clumping clay litter. Even after I switched back to the clumping clay litter, she continued not covering up for about 3 weeks. Last week I had a "talk" with her and told her I wasn't too happy that she was leaving it to me to cover her business and asked her to cover it up like she used to----besides saying the words to her, visualized the scenario in my mind. Guess what, a few days after that she started covering up and has been good, except for one time. I complimented her on her good behaviour if I saw her doing it. So progress is always possible---just visualize to Gizzy what you want him to do, and hope bf can do the same. Maybe Gizzy will turn out not to be an incorrigible sprayer after all.
"We humans are indeed fortunate if we happen to be chosen to be owned by a cat." -- Anonymous

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