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Originally Posted by NoahGrey View Post
I have only have one cat and she seems to go in phases with hogging my bed. Sometimes she'll go weeks without hopping up on my bed, while other times..she has to sleep in my bed. She loves to sleep on the couch at night..but sometimes she snuggles up to me and then hogs the bed lol. I do miss her purring when she is not in bed with me.
Sounds like my dog, Connor. He goes through phases. At the moment, he's taken to sleeping between my boyfriend and I in the bed. However, last week, he was on the couch all night. Hahah. Depends on his mood I guess!

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Well, I'm not sure they don't disturb our sleep, but they do all sleep with us. The disturbance is usually not bed-related, anyway--it's those midnight alarms when whatever wildlife is passing through triggers the Pack's hair-trigger detection system.
How do they all fit!? Hahah. Connor takes just as much space as me and he's only 10 pounds!
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