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Originally Posted by laceyf53 View Post
I had the plug in which you can find on E-bay or craigslist usually, and i did have 2 because the area that my cats roam is more than 1,000 square feet. Each plug in covers an area of about 500 square feet. I have never used the spray, but I figure they probably work about the same.

Where did you get this kittie from? It sounds better for all involved that he goes to a single cat owner, so that he doesn't feel so stressed out. Some cats are very sensitive to their people and this problem isn't going to stop when your boyfriend hates him. If you start searching now you can find someone before you are forced by your boyfriend to take the cat to the shelter.
Ok I'll get my bf to order 2 and a couple sprays cuz I really don't think it would be good for Gizzy if we uproot him. He is a very skittish cat.

When we first moved in (in 2008) to the place we live now, my bf brought his cat Forest (16 years old this year) with us. And since I was on my own away from my parents who didn't want any pets, I wanted my own lil ball of fur. So I searched on kijiji (mistake #1), I was originally looking for a Bengal. Then I saw how much a purebred with papers was and looked at the lower prices meaning no papers. Then I found an ad on kijiji that had a Bengal kitten for sale for $250 but by the time I got a response back they said the kitten was gone but they had one left that was 8 months. So I asked to see pictures, they weren't very clear but I agreed to see him in person anyways.

Here's the fishy part: The lady said they lived in Kitchener but said we could meet in at the Walmart in Orangeville. We live in the North End of Etobicoke. ()

So after work that day we went up to meet them and met Gizzy in the parking lot. I couldn't tell if anything was wrong with him just a little scared from being outside and being held by strangers. So we took him home. He came with a "guarantee/waranty" that stated if my vet found him to be ill we could return him, cuz he went to the vet before meeting us. When we took him to the vet he had tapeworms, and that was an indication of him being outside. When I asked her about it she said they took him for walks and therefore he chased everything that moved.

It took him several weeks to settle in, hid anytime we came near him, and he just warmed up to my bf like a year ago. He is just starting to realize that he likes to be near me all the time, lay next to wherever I am sitting and sometimes sits on my lap. And the other day he sat on my bf's chest. He usually doesn't like new ppl, but b/c he was in the crate on friday when I came home and had a friend with me he let her rub his cheek and chin through the bars. He has made a lot of progress in the last year, and as much as I don't want to give him away, being an only cat may be the best thing he needs or a place to spray to his content.

Anyways, my lesson is learned concerning kijiji pet ads. Next time I want a purebred, I will go to a breeder, but I think the next few will be from TCR/Petfinder.

This is the pic I took of Gizzy sitting on my bf's chest. He stayed there only for a minute but long enough for a picture!
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